Mattress….Sex: Connecting the Dots!

Mattress….Sex: Connecting the Dots!


Well as the title suggest this post is going to be about one of the most taboo thing, at least in Malaysia, SEX. As much and as kinky as certain sex might get; in the bathroom, in changing rooms, on sofas or offices; most of sex are done in the bedroom and most of the time on top of a bed.

On top of the bed there is the mattress where the action happens. A great mattress can help to enhance the sexual experience and enhance the lust you have with your partner. But your mattress could be your best side kick during sex as well. Why? It is because you wouldn’t want the mattress to cause you to fall in certain positions or a mattress that makes a lot of noise from spoil spring mattress or a sinking mattress that makes you unable to get into the right position.

On top of that, your mattress would not be medium for sex to happen as most of the time the mattress is also couples lay down to rest and embrace each other to sleep or rest. The mattress should be able to support you and your partner to rest before there is a “round 2”. What are the criteria’s to consider then when buying a good mattress for sleep and sex?

  1. Ample support.

A firmer mattress will hold itself up steadier and better when your partner gets on top of it into positons. A mattress that is too soft will sink in hence making you lose posture or wasting energy keeping your balance. But the firmer mattress shouldn’t be too hard that would compromise your sleep comfort as well. Most mattress without a pillow top or memory foam is not recommended for firm support.



  • Foam Edging Support.
Foam Edging

Foam edging usually comes together with pocketed spring mattress only but as of late many other companies have included this in their regular or bonnel spring mattress. These edgings are good to keep your spring mattress supported on the edge, just in case you sit at the edge of the bed for whatever reasons, *raised eye brows*. This is because the last thing you want is you or your partner falling off the bed when there is a rhythm going. Foam edging are usually firmer than the rest of the mattress. This functions to support the springs when we sit on it or are doing things on it. It also helps us from falling off the bed when we sleep at night.

  • The Bounce
  • two person on the bed

Most action during sex are in the movement of a bounce. So a mattress should complement this motion and not work against you. The only type of mattress that would do this are spring mattress. No, not memory foam mattress or latex or just regular foam mattress. Spring mattress will also give zonal supports to you when sleeping and helps you during sex to keep the rhythm as well.




  • Durability

Let’s be honest a mattress is kind of a medium high investment and the last thing we want is a broken mattress in 4 months after its purchase. Sex is quite aggressive in some way, especially when the lust is high. So a mattress that doesn’t break “under the pressure” is a good one. There are times when a mattress spring breaks during sex causing it to sink when they sleep on it later. But how do you look for this? You can easily judge its durability by the warranty that comes with the mattress. It shows how confident the manufacturers are with their product. If a spring mattress that comes with a 5 year warranty, forget it because the last thing you want is the spring poking your back while you are with your partner.

Well there you have it, the basic guide to buying a mattress for your love nest while it becomes your daily sleep mattress. But do understand, the right mattress for your sleep and a love bed is very different.

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