Are Mattresses Assassins? EMF Poisoning: The Truth

Are Mattresses Assassins? EMF Poisoning: The Truth

Recently customer came by and asked for latex mattress or memory foam mattress. We do sell them so I recommended a few we have before recommending spring mattress that gives much better chiropractic support. The customer said spring mattress is not good as research shows because it may cause cancer from radiation. I was taken aback by this claim that I heard for the first time. The customer went to elaborate that it is something about magnetic field. I didn’t know what to counter this so I was not able to defend myself for promoting spring mattress. So that night I went back to study about spring mattress and magnetic field.

The Argument

The argument is about electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation as spring’s in mattress doubles as amplifiers hence being called EMF Toxic. This is also because our own home now has more things that causes EMF. Things like your WiFi router, mobile phones, wire in the wall or just even fuse boxes or just that fluorescent tube light on top of your room.

It is claimed that this type of EMF toxic is one of the contributing factors to cancer among humans today.  


In short; there is no evidence that spring mattress will amplify EMF. The video of 2 minutes plus will explain as he tries a regular spring mattress with a proper EMF detector. There is no difference in reading being in the air or any amplification of EMF caused by it. The other videos about it EMF radiation on spring mattress were using mobile phones. Mobile phones already emits a high amount of EMF itself while just using an app. While placing a phone on top of a latex mattress would have the magnetic field “absorbed” hence reading is lower.


There is no co-relation between spring mattress and EMF radiation. You can rest assure that it is 100% safe to use a spring mattress for your every night’s sleep. Spring mattress helps your contour your back to the shape it is supposed to rest. A good spring mattress will also help with alignment your back and postures and NOT letting you rest by contouring to your shape (pure memory foam and latex mattress does this) which could lead to problems in the future.

The choice of mattress is definitely a personal matter. Some people like it soft and subtle, some likes it firm. Best is to know what suits your sleeping style. Talk to us to help you find the perfect mattress.

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