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Mattress….Sex: Connecting the Dot!

Mattress Purchase Dilemma

The dilemma of buying a new mattress

  • Will it feel the same with the one I am sleeping on now?

  • I don’t know what is right for me?

  • So many brands in the market, it is almost confusing.

  • Family/friends recommended to me.

  • Salesperson said this was the best for me.

Yes, you are not alone.

Our Research & Findings

Our research from people who just bought a new mattress found that 76.1% of people are not satisfied with their mattress. But they make do with what they have bought cause buying mattress is an investment for the coming 10 years. Plus many distributor does not have a return policy.
This is not good as an unsuitable mattress for you causes some of following problems:
  • Dead arms when you wake up.
  • Pain on lower back or other parts of the body.
  • Lack of rest (causing less efficient during day time work).

Let Us Help You!

  • Help you understand you and your partner’s sleeping pattern and lifestyle.
  • Give you a detailed sleep analysis.
  • Diagnose the situation of your current mattress.
  • Recommending the best mattress to suit you and your partner.
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What People Has To Say About Us?

Doesn’t force you to buy. They will just suggest what is best for me by understanding my sleep and explains to me the science behind it. Best advice, listen with an open mind.

Cherlene Chan, 33 @ Tanjung Bungah

Small budget doesn’t mean less comfort. He understands my problem with my lumbar and first mattress salesman who didn’t recommend coconut fibre and I woke up like a champion in the past 2 weeks.

Christopher Heng, 25 @ Gelugor

Tak pernah ada taukeh yang datang ke rumah untuk tengok tilam. Ingat asal boleh tidur dah cukup tapi bukan. Sekarang lebih lena tanpa sakit belakang. Taukeh tak paksa beli baru, dia hanya suggest apa boleh buat untuk mengurangkan sakit belakang kerana tilam dalam keadaan baik lagi. Beli tilam hanya mengikut budget memang kesilapan besar.

Mohd Aniq, 42 @ Tanjung Tokong

Never knew there was so much to know about my mattress. I didn’t know I was buying my mattress wrongly. My husband and I rate them 5/5!

Hui Min, 37 @ Bayan Lepas

Knowing You And Your Mattress A Little Better

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